Why I love Sand Cloud!


Sand Cloud is a clothing brand that donates 10% of their profits to various marine organisations making a difference to the world we live in. They are also trying to tackle the issue of pollution which is damaging the ocean and its creatures. Here are the organisations they support… Sand Cloud sell various items that are well made and have many different colourways to choose from. The items they sell are hoodies, shirts, leggings, towels, water bottles, hats, bags, jewelry, and much more.  So plenty of items to choose from, at a very reasonable price. The items I’m wearing are the Whale Tail Socks, the Navy Whale Tie Dye Long Sleeve Shirt, and the #savethefishies pin. Sand Cloud post images of their products on their Instagram @sand_cloud and give updates on whats new and happening on their story. Something that really draws me to their clothing is that it’s practical and extremely comfy to move in. It can be very cold after having a swim in the sea, so their hoodies come in handy to warm you up.I am so proud to say I am an ambassador for Sand Cloud, as I love animals so much and possess beautiful clothing that I can share with you guys, for such a wonderful cause. You can sign up yourself to be an ambassador via the Sand Cloud website and join such a remarkable team! Click on the logo below to see their website.


Photography credit: Max Bullard @kivluh

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