The Ultimate Christmas Guide for Buying Gifts

Hey everyone,

So I had a friend ask me to do a Christmas gift buying guide as it is so difficult sometimes to buy gifts for those you know the most! In this post, I have tried my hardest to come up with as many ideas as I can for a variety of friends and family.


Ideas for Mum

1. Tiffany & Co Fragrance. I believe this gift is beautiful to get your mum at Christmas time. The 30ml bottle is $110 and will fill her face with joy when she opens this on Xmas day!  2. Another idea I came up with is a pair of Mimco earrings. How beautiful would it be at Christmas time to give your mum a shiny new pair of earrings? These particular earrings I have chosen are $59.95.3. To appreciate our mums at Christmas, it’s always nice to give her a relaxing treat. One of my favourite brands for this would definitely be Lush. Whats really great about this brand at Christmas time, is they provide gift packs. This Christmas Candy Box shown below is only $39.95 and looks absolutely adorable.


Ideas for Dad

1. Why not make your wonderful dad stylish at Christmas time? A bit of Tommy maybe? Myer is currently doing a deal on certain  Tommy Hilfiger clothing, where you buy two items and get 50% off the second. Getting them deals in before Chrimbo! I picked two of my favourite pieces that are apart of the deal. The shirt is $130 and the t-shirt is $69.95!  Amaaazzing👏🏻 2. Baileys maybe? I must say I bit of Baileys at Christmas time works a treat, literally a treat. Dan Murphys are doing a Baileys Irish cream and glass gift pack for $32.99! Bargain!3. You’ve got drinks on dads list, why not add a little bit of food to join it? Christmas shortbread maybe? When I buy shortbread at Christmas time, it has to be Walkers! Woolworths are selling packs for only $5!


For her

1. Tiffany Tiffany Tiffany… buy her Tiffany. Again, there is nothing better than opening a blue box with a white bow at Christmas time! I have a pair of the Mini Heart Tag earrings and it’s one of the best things I have opened at Christmas time. These earrings are $250 and are so worth it! Just saying…2. I can’t recommend Too Faced palettes enough. They are my favourite and are highly pigmented. The Sweet Peach Eyeshadow from Mecca Maxima would be a perfect gift for $70.3. There’s no shame in also getting her a gift voucher along with gifts you have thought about, so then she is able to shop for herself in those boxing day sales!!!


For him

1. This is hilarious, because I’ve never had a significant other, but this is what I would get my partner if I had one! I should have done gift ideas for your cat😂. Anyway, back on track, I would definitely buy them some nice Calvin Klein aftershave. I’ve heard Euphoria for men is amazing and costs $80 from David Jones.2. If he’s a gamer and you don’t know what to get him, why not grab a Game store voucher and put enough money on for one or two games?3. It’s not Christmas if you don’t play games, Cards against humanity? They are sold at Target for $25.49 and will definitely give you a laugh!


For your friends

1. There’s nothing better than the smell of a Yankee Candle. They are sold at Spotlight and can be purchased in different sizes and scents. I picked out this medium Shea Butter candle for only $27.99.2. The Frank Body Trio Lip Kit is a very cute gift to get your friend as you know lip balm is an essential. I think they are really cool also because they have a lip tint in them.3. Some comfy Christmas PJs will go be so lovely for your friends when they open their presents on Christmas Day. I will recommend Peter Alexander Christmas PJs, as they are made of high-quality fabric and their designs are very beautiful.


Hope this helps


Alicia xx


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