The New And Improved Chadstone

Hey everyone,

The fashion capital of Australia, Chadstone have extended their shopping centre. Chadstone is the biggest shopping centre in Melbourne, Australia and its even said to be the biggest shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere!  On October 13 2016, Chadstone officially opened their new area of the centre and I decided to take a trip and check it out. My outfit for the day is below.img_3517T2 Chadstone

img_3519Mozi Chadstone

img_3438 To celebrate the opening of the new part of Chadstone, Mecca advertised their store with a gift tree. img_3433Here is a quick snap of the new and improved part of Chadstone.

img_3420 For this particular event I decided to wear my light pink and black striped shirt from Crew Clothing that I absolutely adore, and believed it was suitable for the day, due to the fabric being comfortable when constantly walking around a shopping centre.  I felt it was perfect to wear my favourite pair of black jeans from JAG as they matched perfectly with the black stripes on my shirt. The black boots shown are from Next and believe it or not were extremely comfortable to walk in. To complete my outfit I decided to accessorise with my brown Kardashian Kollection bag, which is known as my Mary Poppins bag, as so much fits in it!fullsizerender

img_3432Some new stores that are now open in Chadstone are UNIQLO, H&M, Sephora and many more.img_3518 Kikki.K Chadstoneimg_3516Gewurzhaus Chadstone


Feel free to comment and also let me know what you thought of the new part of Chadstone shopping centre.

Thanks a bunch

Love Alicia xx

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