Strategies To Calm Your Farm!

Stress Head Alert!

One thing you will learn about me, I can be the biggest stress head known to man, however here are a few tricks I have picked up along the way and helps me heaps! Here are strategies to calm your farm, ENJOY!img_9135

img_9188To create a calm atmosphere I generally light a candle, this helps me stay zen and become aware of what is most important in life. Scented candles are also an amazing way to de-stress. So if you’re feeling stressed, light a candle (safely).img_9160

img_9159Watching your favourite TV Show/Movie is an extraordinary way to prevent you from thinking deep into what is stressing you the most, this one definitely helps me. To enjoy this even more, make yourself a nice hot beverage, my favourite is a chai latte with cinnamon sprinkled on top. img_9143

img_9175Take a trip back to your childhood and grab yourself one of these calming colouring books. These colouring books are so popular you can find them in your local bookstore, supermarket and newsagents. Drawing your concentration to your creativity is a fantastic distraction, clearing the mind, leaving it happy and healthy! Shout out to my English Teacher for making me colour one of these during one of many year twelve meltdowns…haha.


img_9180Creativity is my popular go-to when feeling stressed. Giving yourself a task that you enjoy (creating pretty much anything) can put your mind to ease. SPREAD THE CREATIVITY!

There you have it, my mini guide too de-stress. CALM YOUR FARM!

Leave a comment below if any of these helped you

Endless smiles from

Alicia xx

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