Stopping at Stanton Farmhouse

Hey lovelies,

If you follow me on social media, you would have noticed I went on holiday to Tasmania, which was awesome by the way. I would like to write a post on the accommodation I had the pleasure of staying in. I stayed at Stanton Farmhouse, which is an exceptional B&B located in Magra, Tasmania. What an experience, the atmosphere was absolutely amazing and was unforgettable. I’m not going to say much more yet, let’s head into the pictures… Downstairs at Stanton Farmhouse, you are greeted by a warm room with a grand staircase and homely furniture. As you head on through to the main living area, a beautiful fireplace is present with marshmallows to roast, YUM! You can even enjoy reading a selection of books off the well-stocked bookcase. As you head on upstairs, you are exposed to a room full of tea, coffee, and homemade biscuits. I was really happy that Stanton had stocked up on Yorkshire tea! The mini bar was full and snacks in the cupboard were available also. The bedrooms were absolutely gorgeous and had a comfy and cosy vibe with good quality furniture. Heading out onto the balcony, outdoor furniture is presented with blankets and cushions so you can admire the stunning view around Stanton while being extremely comfortable. I must say, my favourite room was the sun room. I love how this room was decorated and I was rather fascinated by the type writer, which you are able to use and write a comment on how your stay was at Stanton. Coco the donkey… 

The land around Stanton Farmhouse is absolutely magnificent and the views are exceptional. It was also so nice to wake up to the sound of the farm animals. I was so sad to leave Coco the donkey as we really bonded and I also got to feed Coco a carrot one morning, which was really exciting. Seeing all the chickens and sheep was a really nice experience and I will definitely be visiting Stanton again!

I would like to say special thanks to Lisa at Stanton Farmhouse, who really looked after me and my family, cooked an amazing meal and provided exceptional accommodation. You can visit the Stanton Farmhouse website by clicking here and you should also follow their Instagram page @stantonfarmhouse.

Thanks for reading guys! My Tasmania album will be posted soon and leave a comment on what you thought


Alicia xx


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  1. Love, love, love your pics and lovely words about our little place down here is Tassie! I have one question for you my dear…When are you coming back?! Love Lisa. x

    1. Hi Lisa, I’m really glad you are pleased with the post on Stanton! I’m not sure when I will be returning, but as soon as I find out I will let you know! Haha. xx

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