Slumber party in Sam K Ryan sleepwear

Hey my lovelies,

I hope you are all well.

Today I’m going to talk about having the ultimate slumber party with your bestie and talk about a wonderful new sleepwear collection named Sam K Ryan.

So my friend’s let’s get into it…

One awesome thing I like to do when having a sleepover with Jess (my best friend), is to play our favourite games. Although it gets intense and we both get extremely competitive, we are still friends after I win! ;D We are both wearing Sam K Ryan’s sleepwear, which might I add is very comfortable. The PJs are designed by Samantha Ryan herself, which adds a personal touch to her fun, colourful and creative brand. Food food food and more food. A sleepover wouldn’t be complete without FOOD while watching your favourite movie on Netflix! Here is what I like to put together for the ultimate slumber party snacks.

  • Popcorn of course! And it has to be the sweet and salty flavour, or else I go hungry
  • Strawberries because they are amazing
  • Bananas to keep it real
  • Chocolate spread to dip the fruits in
  • Yorkshire tea, to satisfy my Britishness

Sam K Ryan’s sleepwear has been featured in a Design A Space store on Chapel Street, Melbourne which is super awesome! Something that really catches my eye about her PJs, are the illustrations that are so bold and are finished to a high-quality standard. The PJs are also Cotton, so they will last a long time!It’s always good to pamper one and other at a slumber party, with a fresh new coat of nail polish to stay glamorous! (I look like the biggest diva in this photo). Dancing to your favourite tunes and being absolutely bizarre with your bestie is only natural! It wouldn’t be a sleepover without it!No joke, we are dancing to Gucci Gang at this point.P.s. we are massive Potterheads, so we also end up watching Harry Potter, which concludes the ultimate slumber party! If you want to check out the PJs myself and Jess are wearing CLICK HERE and take a look at some awesome designs, that are made with love <3.

Photography by Max Bullard.

Thank you all very much for taking a look at this post and let me know what you thought and/or if you have Sam K Ryan’s comfy PJs. They also have 20% off deal at the moment so get in quick, the sale won’t last forever!

I appreciate you all so much for all your support towards my blog!

Alicia xoxo


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