Puttin’ On The Ritz – Paris Edition

I’m going to start this blog post with saying that this day, was one of the best days of my life! I honestly felt like a queen and had the best service!

I attended the Ritz with my mum and as we entered, I was overwhelmed by the shining decor and the attention to detail. The polite door man directed us to the high tea area, named Salon Proust.

We were then welcomed by the staff located in the high tea area and placed in the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever been in! Something really wonderful about our sorroundings and the history attached to the author of ‘In Search of Lost Time’ (Marcel Proust) who thought of the Ritz, Paris as his second home and often inspired his writing.

We were first served with a madeleine which was actually invented by Marcel Proust himself, followed by a cake topped with a dash of a liquor from Brazil. After this we had our tea order taken, with so many different teas to choose from, it was hard to order!

My eyes lit up when I was served with a three tier cake stand full of the finest cakes and pastries I had ever seen. And believe me, they tasted as good as they looked. Executive Chef François Perret has perfected these cakes and pastries and I felt so privileged to be able to try  his work of art.

The facilities were absolutely stunning. When entering the bathroom, the fresh hand towels were folded to perfection and the golden swan taps were spectacular. I went to the bathroom three times just to use the hand cream haha!

Myself and my mum gave ourselves a miniature tour around the hotel, and went to the gift shop were you could buy so many items themed around the Ritz. After this, we took a seat and admired a beautiful staircase that is shown above.Special thanks to Salon Proust at the Ritz for making my experience tremendous and enabling me to feel like I was in Princess Diaries.

I was so lucky to have this opportunity and to tick off my bucket list. If you ever get the chance to visit Paris, I definitely recommend this experience.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my experience at the Ritz.

Kind Regards

Alicia xx

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