September Favourite No.2 2016

T2 Sydney Breakfast

My monthly favourite No.2 would defiantly be the Sydney breakfast which is a loose leaf black tea from T2. As you may know I am British, so I do enjoy my tea! The ingredients include Black tea and bergamot flavouring and can taste delicious either with or without milk (I have mine with milk).

Leave a comment below on what you thought of my favourite tea this month

Kind regards

Alicia xx



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  1. I actually sampled this tea last week, and I’ve been thinking about how nice it was all week!

    I’d love to hear the price and do you think the pricing is too high in T2? Are there cheaper alternatives?

    Things I’d like to know!

    Keep it up!



    1. That’s awesome to hear Rubi and thanks for letting me know what you would like to hear in my upcoming posts!

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