NGV Visit – ‘Who’s Afraid of Colour?’ exhibition

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On 04/04/17 I visited the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, where I attended the ‘Who’s Afraid of Colour’ exhibition.

Who’s Afraid of Colour?Emily Kam Kngwarray – Anmatyerr c. 1910-96

Shirt – 1979 Soakage Bore – Nothern Territory, batik on cotton

I thought this artwork was interesting due to the bright red contrasting with the navy blue. When I first looked at the artwork I though the technique used was really detailed and the lines traveling in different directions was interesting.Claudia Moodoonuthi – Kaiadilt born 1995

360 flip on country – 2014 Brisbane – synthetic polymer paint on skateboards

I think this was my favourite piece in the ‘Who’s Afraid Of Colour’ exhibition. What an amazing idea to paint on skateboards and display them as an artwork. When reading about the artwork at the NGV, it mentioned that the piece was ‘symbolic of modern Indigenous youth’, which I found interesting.Julie Gough – Trawlwoolway born 1965

Chase – 2001 Melbourne – Tea Tree (Myrtaceae fam.), cotton, steel, jute

Awesome, awesome and awesome. This artwork was beautiful to look at and could definitely be considered as the main piece to contribute to the exhibition.Tjunkiya Napaltjarri – Pintupi c. 1930-2009

Untitled, fabric length – 1994 Kintore, Nothern Territory – batik on cotton

My favourite part of this artwork would definitely be the colours used and the way they match up with one and other. As with some of the other pieces, I really like the detail and the continuous use of dots.

I had a super awesome day at this exhibition and would recommend visiting an exhibition near you as you can learn a lot and experience tremendous pieces of art. If you want to learn more about the exhibition click here to the NGV website page for ‘Who’s Afraid of Colour’.

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