Marimekko Exhibition – Bendigo

Hey lovelies,

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Marimekko exhibition. As you know I love fashion and textiles, so this exhibition really interested me. I’ve taken a few pics of my favourite pieces…

This first print was designed by someone who was only 23! How amazing! In the exhibition, the design was presented on a large scale which was very breathtaking. Through overlapping of colours and organic shapes, the design was really aesthetically pleasing to look at.

The print shown is a very famous Marimekko piece and is the print that many associate Marimekko. It has been printed on a variety of clothing pieces throughout the years. How cute is this! The use of two tones of blue overlapping adds depth to the design. I would definitely love to see this design as wallpaper with matching furniture!

Marimekko have various designers with different designing styles, so their prints are not very cohesive which I found very interesting. Again with this design I really like the overlapping of colour.

Thanks for reading my thoughts on these four pieces and noticing what an awesome brand Marimekko is!

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