Louis Vuitton-Time Capsule Exhibition

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all well.

So at the weekend I visited the LV time capsule exhibition, which I must add was absolutely incredible and such an inspiring experience. I have taken some photos of my favourite pieces of the exhibition and a bit of info I learned about them.

This first piece that caught my eye is called the Mail Trunk In Trianon grey canvas which was created in 1879. An interesting fact I learned about this trunk, is that it was the first waterproof canvas developed by Louis Vuitton.

How awesome would this be hey? It’s called the Special Desk Trunk In copper which was made in 1923. I just thought all the compartments were so incredible and would have been so handy for all those stunning ladies with all their expensive garments, shoes and jewellery.

My eyes were taken to the design on this Weeknder suitcase in wool and leather. I think the way the rope design has been placed and the colours used definitely develop the design into something quite spectacular. This suit case was in the Autumn/Winter Collection In 2015-16.

I honestly think this was my favourite Trunk of the whole exhibition. It’s known as the Wardrobe Trunk In Monogram canvas, created in 1939. What a beautiful Trunk this is! It even has coat hangers and so many compartments for all a ladies keeps safe items!

And finally, a bit of Aussie Louis Vuitton, Billie Achilleos Kangaroo. This was such a breathtaking piece and was created for a ‘’Maroquinaris Zoologicae’’ project, which was constructed with Louis Vuitton leather goods in 2011. It was displayed at the George Street Maison launch in Sydney.

Thank you all so much for reading

Alicia xoxo

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