Isolation reflection

Well, what I time this has been! I think we can all confirm that this has been a time in our lives that we will never forget and will be a great feature to future history books. Stockpiling ridiculous amounts of toilet paper, the constant creation of memes, a never-ending supply of Tiktok videos and the recognition of our health care workers doing their best to put an end to this pandemic. Even though it has been a little boring at times, the small positive is we have been handed time to build our skills and complete activities some wouldn’t usually have time to do. Scrolling through Instagram I have noticed many people hunting down their old art supplies and creating little masterpieces. Others have been re-decorating areas of their home and online shopping for new furniture. In the influencer community, I have noticed many building their craft and becoming better than ever. The way I have been looking at this, we have finally been given a little break (parents with kids have unfortunately been handed the task of homeschooling, but I’m sure they have been killing it).

The main purpose of me writing this post for you is to share my very own ways of keeping myself occupied during isolation and to hopefully give yourself some ideas on how to spend your time during isolation and in the future.

I’m not gonna lie to you, my eating habits haven’t been the best stuck inside all the time. Eating snacks can be a trap when you just wanna sit around and do the bare minimum. However, being new to having Coeliac disease, I’ve had time to research new supermarket-bought foods that are gluten-free. With this has come to a lot of trial and error. Some snacks and substitutes have been fantastic and others have just been YUCK! Anyway, my point is, try new snacks and foods, but in moderation. Trying new foods is exciting and can be a new project for yourself.

On the subject of food, trying new food means cooking and BAKING! Now I’m not the baker nor chef, but I can tell you I’ve come a long way with this craft having a bit more time available. Reflecting on all the cuisines I have created in previous months, I could be on Masterchef… just kidding. My point is, being at home has meant being in the kitchen a lot, so I have decided to embrace my new lifestyle and learn new recipes. The gluten-free baking book displayed in the image above is a favourite of mine at the moment and has enabled me to create delightful snacks such as peanut butter cookies and gluten-free friendly pizza bases. So while we still have restrictions in place and still can’t most of our usual out of home activities, START BAKING.

One thing I can tell you is my precious little Coco has enjoyed me being home. Due to me only going out to work and the supermarket, I haven’t had the option to go anywhere else. Walking my little doggo however, is considered essential and has been a good excuse to get myself out and exercising. Its also been very nice to bond with both my pets, as its beneficial to your mental health and is a from of therapy enjoying your fur babies company.

I’m sure you have all had a small amount of extra time to expand on what you love doing. The main area that I have improved on has been in content creating, Instagram engagement and simply learning for others in the influencing community. One thing I have focused my time on is working more in photoshop, learning new techniques from YouTube videos and applying that knowledge with what I already know. I highly recommend you use this time to now to build your interests. Why not buy a book on your hobby, watch a ridiculous amount of YouTube videos on it or simply practise it.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my time spent in these current circumstances and I hope each and everyone stay safe.

Xoxo Alicia

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