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So this blog post is about the talented Sam K Ryan, an illustrator, a designer and a girl with a great smile. Sam creates illustrations which are available on her website to purchase, how awesome! The main aesthetic of Sam’s work is theatrical with a sprinkle of quirky. The illustrations are either a story based design or fashion illustration with the 1940s – 1950s style.

Illustration: ‘Starting with Coffee’

Let’s get to know Sam…

Hobbies: Sam loves watching movies, plays, and musicals to gather inspiration and looking at the costumes in films for her designs. She also really enjoys looking at children’s books and pretty pictures to be inspired!

Favourite colour: Purple

Favourite public figure: Tim Burton

Dream super power: To flyyyyyy!

Personality: Fantasy prone personality

Lives for: Daydreaming

Fact: learns Spanish from her boyfriend, but is totally a snail

Favourite era: 1940s – 1950s

Illustration: ‘Jonathan

The materials and techniques that Sam uses to create her work are drawing with pen on paper, sometimes using watercolour and combines her illustrations with digital colours and components. Sam started drawing from a very young age and has developed her skills to a professional level, enabling her illustrations to be available for purchase. Right now Sam is starting focusing on textiles professionally, as she will soon be launching her own sleepwear brand. The sleepwear is inspired by her love of illustration. It’s just so fantastic that Sam is expanding her skills and knowledge she has developed to generate new business ideas! Well done Sam! Thank you so much for reading this post about Sam and you guys should definitely visit her website click here! Don’t forget to leave a comment 🙂

Sam’s Instagram page:

Photography credit: Ebony Dennis, @ekdphotography._,

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