Innisfree Australian Launch

Hello beauties, Alicia here!

As you may or may not have noticed, I had the pleasure of being apart of the launch for Innisfree in Aus. This included being able to try their super products and attend their pre-launch event!  First of all the function area was absolutely stunning and the attention to detail was definitely noticeable.

On arrival, a warm welcome was given. An Innisfree leaf wall was displayed to take super awesome pictures for the gram. Fancy canapes and fancy drinks were on hand, so I was really looked after.

 As I was invited into the Innisfree atmosphere, I had the opportunity to try some products and learn about them by staff from the Melbourne Central store.

The whole venue was set up with so many beautiful displays, showcasing the Innisfree products in a wonderfully unique way! It was all so aesthetically pleasing to look at!Towards the end of the event, I was informed with some facts about Innisfree. Here are some that stood out to me…

– Innisfree originated from the Jeju Island, in Korea.

– They make a meaningful impact, with their bottle recycling program.– The green tea serum is the heart of Innisfree and is their no. 1 seller. On average they sell 8 bottles every minute.

– The Jeju orchid skincare is highly effective in anti ageing.

– Innisfree’s foundation packaging comes in many different designs, so you can choose one that matches your style!

As I left, everyone was generously handed their very own Innisfree succulent and a goodie bag with more products to try including a bag with a beautiful floral design on it, an ‘aloe my squeeze mask’ and a cute little ‘most wanted kit’.

Thank you so much Innisfree for having me, it was a very memorable time and congratulations on the launch of your new Melbourne Central store!


Thanks for reading

Alicia xx

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