How to DIY a vintage chair

One weekend I was having a little shopping spree and came across a vintage store and was feeling creative! As I was looking I found this beautiful white shabby chic chair that I could easily upholster myself and so can you… Here are some easy steps to help you achieve that.

Step 1: Find yourself a vintage chair. Head down to your local vintage furniture store, op shops or even look on Gumtree etc.  Step 2: To upholster the seat, you need to push the seat pad out. With this chair, I was lucky, as I could push this out with force. Depending on the chair you purchase, you may need to unscrew bits and pieces in order to remove the seat pad. Step 3: Position the fabric and make sure you have the part of the fabric that you want to display present. After this, cut the fabric with around 6 inches excess to fold over. Step 4: Grab yourself a staple gun, this can be bought at any office suppliers or at any home/outdoor living stores and please be careful! Fold the frayed fabric edge inwards as shown, get someone to help you, as the fabric needs to be pulled extremely tight and staple away! Make sure you are stapling through both layers of the fabric and into the wooden chair. When getting to the corners, make sure you fold neatly and more overlapping of fabric will need to be done, the technique will depend on your seat pad shape. The technique I used, was basically wrapping the corners like you would a birthday or Christmas present.  Step 5: Carefully push the seat pad into the chair and voilà, a cute shabby chic chair. Add any cushions you desire to jazz up your DIY furniture. The good thing about stapling the fabric is that it’s easy to remove and you can change the seat pad as much as you like!

Comment if you liked this DIY and/or if you gave it a go! I would love to see what you make, so tag me on any of the social media accounts I have and #aliciasperception.

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Alicia xx

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