EVO Shampoo and Conditioner

Hey to my gorgeous readers,

My favourite of February has got to be the EVO shampoo and conditioner I use called the ’ritual foundation’. No word if a lie, after using this product my hair has been so smooth, healthy and strong, which makes me no longer embarrassed to have thin/brittle hair.

The shampoo strengthens, repairs and cleanses and is recommended for weak hair like mine. The conditioner helps to add moisture to hair and has the ability to develop a shine.

My hair now…

Together this shampoo and conditioner are a great team to making your like a superstars and helps you have a positive outlook of your appearance. Evo have a few different products that suit different hair types, e.g. Volumising hair.

Leave a comment below and let me know your if you have any hair struggles and your annoying experiences, I love story time! 😀

Alicia xoxo

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