Fashion fades, denim stays!

Hey my lovely readers,

Brace yourselves… I’m now going to show you the joys of the denim jacket and how it can be styled…

I have styled this denim jacket with all black, making the blue denim stand out and be the focal point of the outfit. Depending on the look you are going for, the awesome thing about denim jackets is that you can roll up the sleeves or keep them down. Keeping the jacket off one shoulder can also look really cool, as you can flaunt that jacket strutting your stuff down the street. Having boots with the denim jacket definitely adds a classy touch and the use of heals also contributes a more fancy look.An awesome place to rock the denim jacket is in an urban environment and if you’re wanting to take photos with your funky denim jacket, a city scape is a great backdrop. ‘When in doubt, wear denim!’ 

Hoped you liked this mini lookbook!

Comment ways you like to wear your denim jacket and what you thought of this post!!!


Alicia xx

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