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Hello, my lovely readers,

I’m delighted to show you guys these really unique and well-made shoes created by Desi Hangover. They are an Indian brand, and their shoes are handmade using good quality leather. I can’t express enough how comfortable these shoes are. Here are some pictures of me wearing them on a hot summers day.

Let’s get started…

 Not only do Desi Hangover create spectacular footwear, they also work to have a positive change rural India, due to 70% of the country being occupied by rural areas. The brand is undertaking a campaign named ‘Adopt A School’. Some specific things they have done for a rural village, is support the livelihood of 25 families in our production village and support the village school to facilitate education for the 150 kids from the cobbler community. The red shoes I am wearing are the Hola style. The shoes are very traditional with a modern touch, that is the perfect shoe to be worn in this hot Australian weather. The red is definitely my favourite pair as they stand out extremely well and are very smart.  I am extremely impressed with the skill, technique and intricate detail that goes into the process of making the shoes and I’m sure you guys would be also. I would also like to express how Desi Hangover is trying to grab a global audience with their traditional techniques, how cool is that!  This Natural Plain pair of Desi Hangover’s  is also the Hola style. I love this colour as it can go with various casual and semi-formal outfits varying in colour. However, if you check out their website, all the shoe colours offered are out of this world!I really appreciate that you as a reader have taken the time to look at my post and recognise the positivity that Desi Hangover are having in the world. As the Australian online site hasn’t been developed as of yet but will be soon, for buying /retail inquiries contact Benjamin Garg, Brand Representative,


M: +61473119313.

To see what pair you may like and to learn more about the brand, take a visit to Their Instagram page is @desihangover.

I would like to appreciate the photographer Max Bullard for following me around and taking some great snaps. @kivluh

Enjoy your day

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Alicia xx



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