Bag Essentials

The world of a handbag. I’m sure we all have our little bits and pieces we like to carry in our day to day lives. I thought I’d share a short post with you all on what I believe is beneficial to carry daily.

Something that I believe is very important to carry in my bag is scrunchies, hair clips and grips/bobby pins. You can never anticipate the future of your hair situation. I know there is nothing worse than styling your hair all morning and then suddenly the wind strikes outside and you rummage through your bag for hair accessories. A level of disappointment runs through you spending all that time in the morning making your hair look like you are about to hit the runway, but hey, dealing with hair hitting your face isn’t fun, I sure DON’T enjoy it!

Sunglasses are needed all year round, whether you are driving, walking in the park, going for lunch or at the beach. You never know when Mr Sunshine is going to strike. I love to choose a pair of sunglasses that suit my outfit and the environment I’m in. A high sun protection category is always ideal when choosing a pair for a sunny day.

Headphones! Oh, do I need to sometimes block out this world and listen to my favourite tunes. I find headphones are great to carry in my bag for when I want to watch movies on my work breaks, if I need to take a public transport trip, or simply need to take a phone call while using your phone for Insta.

My mini beauty items kit is my lifesaving kit (that was a joke, beauty products don’t save lives, they simply improve them). There is nothing worse than being rushed off your feet all day and you feel gross. That’s why I carry a small fragrance in my bag to freshen up. This fragrance above is actually from Zara and smells delightful. My hands and lips tend to also get dry throughout the day so I make sure I carry a lip balm and hand cream. When heading out for a party night, I like to carry a lipstick that matches my outfit and also a concealer to touch up imperfections.

And last but not least, MY PHONE. Not much needs to be said here, but my phone is probably my most essential item to have in my bag when heading out. That definitely the one item I will never leave the house without.

I hope this gave you some ideas and I’d love to hear what you thought.

Xoxo Alicia

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