About me

Hello to my wonderful readers

My name is Alicia

I started Alicia’s Perception to share my interests in art, design, fashion, food and other aspects of life with you. I also really enjoy exploring and finding new places to eat, hang out or even just to admire. I take pictures of my experiences and looks, to hopefully provide inspiration and enjoyment.

About me

I am from England and moved to Melbourne, Australia a few years ago. I absolutely love it here, as I am able to experience new environments, trends and be a part of the Melbourne lifestyle.

I study textiles design at uni to develop my creative ideas and to learn more about my passion for fashion and design.

Growing up I have always wanted to share my interests and personalities with people through creativity. Alicia’s Perception is my way of doing this and to be known for having a positive attitude towards my surroundings and opportunities.

Fun facts

  • I love Harry Potter
  • Pink is my favourite colour
  • I have a little doggie called Coco and a cat named Bubbles.
  • I’m a very bubbly person and can chat forever
  • I’m a Virgo
  • Laughing is something I do a lot!
  • Amazing is my favourite word to use
  • My blogs name was inspired by my English teacher in high school who used the word ’perception’ a lot
  • And I love Fashion!