About me

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About me

Here is a little story of Alicia Murray. I grew up in Yorkshire, England and was a very loud and passionate child. I was always active, signing myself up for anything and was particularly interested in the arts.

In 2012 I moved half way across the world to the place I now call my home, Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne has given me the opportunity to experience a different lifestyle, embrace its art culture and even attend university studying Textile Design, after developing a love for fashion and design in my last year of high school.

After graduating university and building my knowledge, I have decided to focus building my social media platforms and put what I know and my experiences out to my readers/followers. 

The founding of Alicia’s Perception

My awkward seventeen/eighteen year old self was ready to finally leave the hell I knew as high school. Not enjoying school really played havoc on my mind and I wasn’t the smartest academically. The only class I was interested in was my Textiles class. My younger self really did feel lost and I felt I had no talents, nor any hope in the world.

This was obviously ridiculous and I definitely realise this now. Anyway, baby Alicia loved to watch a lot of YouTube when she felt defeated from piles of homework and came across videos of influencers sharing their experiences and interests on their very own blog. From the tips and tricks I developed, I built my very own fashion and lifestyle blog named ALICIA’S PERCEPTION.

Now I bet you’re thinking, why choose such a name. Well in my year twelve English class, the word ‘perception’ made itself present frequently and the meaning of this word was drilled into my head. 

The offical Oxford dictionary definition of ‘perception’ is ‘an idea, a belief or an image you have as a result of how you see or understand something’. My blog is my ideas, my beliefs, my creative image and my understandings. I definitely believe and still believe I hit the jackpot with the title behind my online world.

I spent a lot of these English classes planning my content, blog layouts and points of interest. I thank my year twelve English teacher for teaching me the definition of ‘perception’ and inspiring me to share mine with the world.