5 things to do when you are bored!

I can tell you now, all I am doing is sitting in my room wondering what to do, Netflix just ain’t going to cut it this time!

Here are ways I try and stop myself from being bored!

1. Social Media is key! As you may already know, I love my social media accounts. Give yourself a project! Plan your next Insta post and what your story will be, think of a hilarious tweet, get some inspiration on Pinterest for a new project or change your colour palette on Tumblr. If you give yourself a project, that bored feeling will fly away.2. Time to become an artist! Why not pull out a notepad and pencil, and draw where your mind is taking you. If your more of a ‘colour inside the lines’ person, grab yourself a colouring book and keep your mind calm and happy!3. Walk your dog, play with your cat. I love my pets so much and they can never get enough love! Walking the dog is actually very calming and is good exercise. Ft. Coco the Moodle4. Call a friend! Stop being anti-social and get yourself socialising.  Why not go for brunch,  lunch or dinner? See a movie? Or just chat on messenger. Most bored feelings come when you feel lonely, so I can guarantee when you get chatting, you will stop staring at the ceiling! Pic ft. Jess & Jane5. Organise your wardrobe! You may be thinking, how boring, but if you are like me and get annoyed with a messy environment, a clean wardrobe is satisfying. I generally scroll through Pinterest and find ways to declutter/organise. Trust me it gives you a project and is worth it in the end.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope it helps!

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Kind regards

Alicia xx

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