5 Reasons why I like to be active

Hello lovelies,

Today I’m going to let you know why I keep active and the reasons why it’s so important to me in general.

My outfit in this post is from Reveuse. I’m wearing the active floral 2 piece gymset and the casual oversized cropped hoodie, which is super comfortable. The gymset is easy to move in and can be used for other activities such as going for brunch and coffee with friends or even for just lounging at home, which I thought you guys would find really awesome. The beautiful floral pattern is definitely my favourite part.

P.s. If you decide you like something on their website, use my discount code alicia10 at the checkout 😀

1. I like to keep active because it brings a positive light to my mental health. Going for a run/the gym after uni or work really helps me clear my mind and concentrate on my breathing. Healthy mind = a happy life!

2. When I am active, I feel really energized and it actually makes you feel more prepared and positive for the day, rather than sleeping during that morning lecture.

3. Keeping active, believe it or not, actually increases capacity to learn. Exercise stimulates the brain, so remember that when you have an exam coming your way!

4. When I exercise in the areas I want to strengthen in my body, I feel so good about myself when I see positive change and knowing that I worked hard for it.

5. Excercising actually helps you sleep! Going for a run in the evening can help your sleep pattern and makes you feel ready for the day when you wake up.

I hope you really liked my post and found it motivating.

If you would like to visit the Reveuse website:


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Photography by Max Bullard


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